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2014-05-23 12.46.13Foreign Property Buyers Can Get Consumer Protection In Thailand

If you are a foreigner and purchase a condominium unit in Thailand you can get consumer protection at the Office of Consumer Protection Board of Thailand.
This is also the fact if you buy a house and lease the land – then you still have consumer protection according to Thai law.

You are among other things protected against the following:

– Developers failing finalizing the construction on time set in the sales contract.
– Developers who deliver faulty construction.
– Developers or sellers failing to fulfill agreements set in the sales contract. Things like “including furniture”, “included fitted air cons” or “newly painted”.
– Developers or sellers increasing the price.
– Developers or sellers changing the contract during the sales process without your acceptance.
– Developers or sellers who simply just ignore the sales contract.

In most cases the parties in conflict are invited for talks and reach a compromise after negotiation.
In some cases that cannot be settled, the Office of Consumer Protection Board will file for damages on behalf of the consumer.
The recent year the Consumer Protection Board of Thailand received more than 700 complaints from property buyers in Thailand and if you have a problem you can download an English language Complaint form here:
Then you forward it to this address:

The Office of the Consumer Protection Board
Government Complex, Building B, 5th Floor, Chaengwattana Road,
Thoung Songhong Sub-District, Lak Si District, Bangkok 10210
Or by email:

You can find the Consumer Protection Board here in Thai language and here in English language.

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