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Thailand is now offering 10 year visa for people aged 50 years old and up.

The requirements to get this visa is that you have a monthly income of minimum 100,000 Thai Baht or can afford to deposit 3 million Thai Baht in your Thai bank account for 12 months.

seniorAlso you need a health insurance covering at least US$10,000.

Now my question is: “Does Thailand only want to attract rich seniors?”

My immediate answer is obviously “yes!”

But is this fair to other seniors who cannot afford this or do not receive 100,000 Thai Baht per month in retirement pension?

My answer to this question is “No!”… this is not fair!

And why at all not allow anyone to retire in Thailand no matter of age? Many rich people aged from 30 to 50 years from abroad would love to retire in Thailand, but they’re not allowed to do so because they are “too young”! Isn’t that nuts? Yes it is!

With this new law I can foresee some troubles:

  1. People aged 65+ will hardly be able to get a health insurance in Thailand, unless they are prepared to pay an outrageous price!
  2. Thailand will be seen as a discriminating country only allowing rich people to retire here!
  3. Married couple must deposit 6 million Thai Baht.
  4. Married couples will be discriminated if only one of them receives a pension of minimum 100,000 Thai Baht per month.
  5. We will see even more “arranged” and fake marriages between foreigners and Thai nationals.
  6. We will see even more criminals “retiring” in Thailand.

I do understand that people retiring in Thailand must prove they can support themselves, but I do find this new visa discriminating…

What is your point of view?


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