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Here you can read all about, why Krabi is the worst location in all of Thailand, not to say all the world!

krabi25-1 Simply the worst place on earth!

Donยดt you agree?

Here you will find the 25 reasons.

Terrible, right?

Read them and agree in the comment form… also if you do not agree ๐Ÿ˜‰


1. Krabi? Thereโ€™s really not much going on there.


2. The scenery is pretty average.


3. Krabi is nothing special.


4. There is no culture; youโ€™ll be bored out of your mind if you go.


5. The cliffs are not pretty at all.


6. The weather is just a pain in the ass.


7. Even the fish canโ€™t wait to leave.


8. Nothing of interest happens on a Krabi beach.


9. I bet this guy is boring himself to death.


10. You wonโ€™t find anything tasty to eat in Krabi.


11. Seriously, terrible!

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12. And thereโ€™s too much fruit everywhere.


13. You canโ€™t do anything fun in Krabi.


14. The city is very dull.


15. Thereโ€™s no sense of national pride in Krabi.


16. Cycling everywhere is such a hassle.


17. Children clearly hate it.


18. The way the Thais like to celebrate is pretty boring.


19. Krabi Jazz? One of the dullest parties out there.


20. The entire place is just too annoyingly colorful.


21. Krabi people are very plain looking.


22. Krabi is such a hideous place at night.


23. The houses are too ugly; itโ€™s horrible.


24. How on earth could you live in one of these?


25. No life on any of the Krabi beaches!


29 Responses to “25 Reasons Why Krabi Is The Worst Place On Earth!”

  1. Mari

    Wow so funny joke I get it because it is not actually bad and you say it is bad because all the bad things are actually good that is so funny and witty and so great. Like because it is actually a good thing but you say it is bad when your bad things are actually good hahaha that is a good one I love it. Very nice joke please do more. You should just say like wow Thailand is so ugly and show pictures of beautiful things that would be funny. And then say a bunch of things and then show the complete opposite!! Hahah so funny! Very funny! Much funny so joke 5555.

  2. Nicholos

    i can agree some of your article but some of your article is full of shit there is thing that delicious in krabi just people doesnt know where to eat and the show have u been to the show in krabi ao nang??! I bet u haven’t if u had u wont say it and i would like to ask how much do u know about krabi??

  3. Steve Phillips

    its so bad in Krabi I have had to come back eleven times so far trying to enjoy myself lol

    • Kristian Olsen

      He he, good one, Steve.
      I lived 15 years in Thailand before I finally found this crap hole ๐Ÿ˜€ And I love it like a pig loves mud ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. Henrik

    Krabi is such a bad place, I have been stucked here for 25 years already. Don`t go coz you can`t leave again…….

  5. Teddy Witzansky

    The worst place???? Nope…have you ever seen Bora Bora !!! See it and you die womiting

  6. Bill Tanner

    Dont overcook it Kristian, or the hoardes will be attracted and that will finish it off. It has started already. pity some of these dum-dums dont appreciate your wit. Mai pen rai.

  7. lavaboyz

    I don’t get you people.. Its all so beautiful, why are u saying its terrible ? every single picture is so nice and great.. yet you all say its terrible ? are u all blind ?

    oh wait a sec… you mean youre being SARCASTIC ?? is tats whats happening here ?

  8. Jack

    Iam going to krabi next month I want to know which part in the island is the most beautiful?

    • Kristian Olsen

      Hi Jack, we welcome you to Krabi.
      Just remember Krabi is not an island…
      But of course there are many islands around Krabi like Koh Lanta and Phi Phi Islands just to mention a few…
      If you are looking for the most beautiful spots in and around Krabi I would suggest a visit to Tha Lane Bay… awesome nature!

  9. Hansi

    my friend just told me that he and his wife decided to go to Krabi for their honeymoon. I sent him the link for this article ๐Ÿ˜€ first he was like “huh? daf**?!” but then he realized the point. Krabi is just beautiful and this article is really good! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  10. Andy Peters

    been climbing in Railay Bay for 16 years hated it so much I’m going again November 10 December 2015 10 January 9 February 10 2016 and from November 2016 to March 2017 with luck


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