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A prosperous new year for Koh Phangan

DSC_1015aSet within the tropics, at a close proximity to the equator, Koh Phangan is a beautifully exotic island located in the Gulf of Thailand.

Encircled by pristine bays with crystal-clear waters, visitors can escape onto paradisiacal shores the moment they step off the boat.

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Its untouched and rugged appeal makes it an alluring destination, attracting people from all over the world.

There is something curiously captivating about the isle; its addictive charm draws visitors in and makes it near impossible for them to leave once they have had a taste for its surreal utopian lifestyle.

Increasing numbers of visitors are crossing the oceans to catch a glimpse of this exotic paradise as news resonates with all four corners of the globe, making it a perfect location for investment and opportunity. Recent developments have boosted its stature even further and its future is constantly looking brighter.

‘Full Moon’ Islandkpg

Koh Phangan is largely ruled by the moon; many parties take place around the lunar cycle with Thai festivals held on full moon night as well as the massive monthly Full Moon Party.

Now with an international status, the monthly event has been a kind of blessing to the island and has boosted its tourism industry exponentially.

A huge number of developments have taken place as a result, including new roads, resorts and facilities.

However, Koh Phangan is now moving away from the party image for what it was once renowned. Now that it has become vastly more accessible, a diverse range of tourists come to explore the ‘other side of Koh Phangan’, where snorkelling and diving are popular pursuits as well as trekking to remote beaches.

It provides the best of both worlds, a perfect balance of sublime tranquillity and enticing all-night parties. This is drawing a very different crowd, one that Koh Phangan has never experienced before.

kpg2Koh Phangan is Booming

Over the past few years, Koh Phangan has gone through some drastic changes.

There are many new roads, providing access to areas that were once only accessible by boat or foot.

A new First Western hospital is one of the latest additions with a clean-cut and modern-looking facade and supermarkets like Macro and Big C open up options to those living here.

Improvements to the island’s infrastructure have brought the standards up and with many new constructions, the island is being transformed, away from its tired and dilapidated origins to intriguing new beginnings.

In the past year, a number of big land deals have been approved so it will be exciting to see what makes an appearance next.

The Three IslandsDSC_0702~2a

Koh Phangan is a world apart from its neighbours of Koh Samui and Koh Tao.

Only 20 km away, Samui is vastly built up and it’s difficult to find land that isn’t disturbed by the construction of a new house, resort or restaurant.

There are still a few areas of natural beauty, although they are not wild, free and untouched as on Koh Phangan; here, dense jungle canopies cover over two-thirds of the island and towering palm trees line the roads and shores.

The abundant natural beauty still evident on the island makes an appealing location for real estate on Koh Phangan.

Ocean-view properties and villas nestled in an evergreen wilderness are popular accommodation options.

Property on Koh Phangan is easier to purchase than on Koh Tao.

The third island by size in the Samui archipelago is a desirable getaway, small and completely unspoilt. However, unlike on Koh Phangan, property here is becoming increasingly difficult to purchase.

Due to its size, options are incredibly limited and can require considerably more investment capital, thus reducing the buyers return on investment.

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There are a number of properties for sale on Koh Phangan and in the last three years, the value of the property has risen between 30-50% per year, making for an attractive investment in real estate.

Growth has been fairly slow over the past 20 years but it seems that now is the time for Koh Phangan, where the speed of development never ceases to amaze.

There is still room for growth around the island, so those investing in real estate on Koh Phangan can still receive a great return on investment.

Tourist demographics are changing, opening up opportunities for different resorts and hotels.

The ball is in motion, quickly gaining momentum and aspiring project developers have already begun building villas aimed at the new property market on the island.

It’s difficult to predict what the future holds for this island paradise, but one thing is certain – there is a wealth of opportunity here and for now, it seems to be heading in the right direction.

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