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amanpuriIf you are you looking to build your dream home or project in Thailand then look no further!

We at TEN Thai Estate Network Co. Ltd. have more than 25 years experience in the construction industry and we can assist you building the villa, condominium or hotel/resort of your dreams!

Our Project Manager Grant has over 25 years of commercial, residential and hospitality project management and construction experience.

These including, Project Development, Building and Construction practises, served in different types of organizations such as International PMC Companies, Contractors and Consultants throughout Asia, New Zealand, Australia, Thailand, Indonesia and India.

Grant has spent over 15 years in Thailand specializing in Residential and Hospitality projects.

For more info please visit our website here.

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    • Kristian Olsen

      Hi Campbell,

      Please email us at and tell us:

      – what size of land?
      – Preferred location in Koh Lanta?
      – Budget for land?
      – Budget for construction?
      – What kind of construction?
      – When do you want to proceed with the land purchase?
      – When do you want to proceed with the construction?

      We look forward hearing from you 😉


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