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visa-run-thailandBe aware that from August 13, 2014, people will not be able to re-enter Thailand, if they do not have a proper visa regardless of their choice of transport.

Many foreigners living and working in Thailand does not have a work permit and hence they cannot obtain a work visa. This has been the fact for more than two decades, but now the Thai Immigration has instructed officials to deny entry to foreigners doing visa runs to stop the exploitation of tourist visas to live or work in Thailand.

Some business owners and language schools employ English speaking foreign staff but can or will not supply a work permit, so many foreigners use the visa runs as a last resort to keep living and working in Thailand.

As a business owner myself I appreciate this crackdown on illegal employees in Thailand, because those who break the law do get an advantage over those legal companies who do follow the law.

Many foreigners do not agree with me, but that is mostly those working illegal, coz if you stay in Thailand in a legal way, there is not problem getting a proper visa!

So guys and gals, please make sure your visa is straight!

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