The Top 5 Emerging Beach Property Markets – Khanom In Top Of Thailand

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At the end of the day imagine a picture postcard tropical beach with palm trees swaying in the breeze, exotic destinations and the connection becomes clear that ocean front property remains many a property investors’ most desired acquisition. Given this particular twist, I’d like to detail out 5 of the top emerging markets for resort… Read more »

Phuket accounts for 30% of all land encroachment in Thailand.

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Phuket accounts for 30% of all land encroachment in Thailand! Seems the Thailand and especially the Phuket developers say: “Hey, we need some more resorts and some more new villas, but the land is too expensive so let’s kick out the elephants and encroach the national parks!” More than 12,000 rai of public land and… Read more »

The world’s largest artificial island in Denmark is now up for sale.

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The world’s largest artificial island in Denmark is now up for sale. Middelgrundsfortet is the largest artificial island in the world that is not connected to land and is located some 15 minutes by boat outside of Copenhagen. The island was created in 1890 by King Christian IX and is now up for sale for… Read more »

Amazing Cliff Diving In Krabi

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Winner of the final cliff diving world championship was Russian national Artem Silchenko. After six competitions in Europe and North America, 14 of the world’s best cliff diving athletes came to Asia to showcase their pure sport during eight dives in four unique locations into translucent turquoise waters on the Phi Phi Islands and on Hong… Read more »

Returning to Phuket after 30 years…

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The journalist and round the world traveler Ted Simon revisited Thailand again after retracing his epic 78,000 mile world tour by motorcycle in 1973. In 2003 and at the age of 70 he returned to seek out a favored memory of Phuket and in particular Kata Beach. “This was what I came back to look for. The… Read more »