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Do you have a blog? Do you want assistance making your blog look less empty and rank better in Google?

I am not talking about Facebook but our personal blogs, like mine here: and

If you want assistance, please read on here.

How can I help you?

This is what I can do for you:

1. We can help each other by posting comments on our blogs so it does not look all “empty”?
I can post comments on your blogs and you post comments on my blogs.
And I am talking about serious comments, not just “Great post” or “I like this”… but serious 😉

When you leave a comment on my blog or you can leave the URL for your Blog or website in your signature line, and hence also create backlinks
to your website.
Then I will return the favor.

You will then get 2 reciprocal links from me, every time I get 1 reciprocal link from your website/blog.

Then imagine we have 20, 100 or even 500 people commenting and linking.
This way we will get a huge network of blogs and websites and inevitable increase our Google rankings.

2. Mention local businesses, hotels, restaurants and even competitors on your blog and place a link to their website or blog.
I have never met a business owner who would say no to free promotion, have you?

Featuring local businesses on your blog has a variety of benefits:

– you promote locally info with your own audience;
– you boost your SEO as this kind of content positively affects your local rankings;
– you are building personal connections with other local businesses and showing them you’re open to referral opportunities;
– You can start building your relationships with local companies and your referral database will grow.

An article containing 300 to 600 words will do just well.

A) Tell a story about the business.
B) Include a link to the business website or blog.
C)Include a link to another related article on your blog.
D) Use key words and key phrases that describes both the business you write about and your own business.
E) Forward an email to the business with a link to the article on your blog, and ask the business owner to return your favor (eventually you can link him this article, explaining the idea.)

3. Promote special deals.

Spread your blog link to your audience using social media and email campaigns about daily or weekly special deals local businesses are offering.
People are always interested in hot deals and this strategy can also help you increase awareness of your business and traffic to your blog / website.

4. If you are managing your own blog, you know all too well that producing content is somewhat a bit challenging, isn’t it?

But if you could partner with other businesses to create content relevant to both of your businesses, that content can rank really high.
It can also create new referral opportunities for you.

For example, you can partner up with a property developer, accountant, hotel or business broker and share content between you.
You can create content that would address your audience’s needs from various perspectives.
If say you are a real estate broker, you could write an article about how to find the correct rental price for a rental property or which pitfall you must avoid when buying an apartment in a specific location.
This content will do some passive prospecting for you online and will get you ranked higher in Google.

Your content does not need to be 3,000 words, but an article around 300 – 600 words will do just well.

A) Create a list of 10 to 20 preferred businesses with a blog.
B) Write an article that would address your audience’s needs from various perspectives.
C) Use key words and key phrases that describes both the business you write for and your own business.
D) Link to one of the business’ previous blog articles.
E) Link to your own business / blog.

If interested please leave the URL for your Blog here or email me at
Then I will make contact.
I will also be glad to deliver content to your blog.

Let’s get going, shall we?

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