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3Selling your property in Thailand today is not as easy as it sounds.
At least not if you want the price your property is worth! And you do want the most money returned on your investment, right?

Then go ahead and read this important pricing strategy and how to avoid these 5 common pricing mistakes.

1. Overpricing.
Overpricing your property to “leave space for negotiation” or “to pay the real estate broker fee” is a very common mistake which sometimes scare away potential buyers, because they checked the pricing of similar properties in your area.
Overpricing also means that you need to lower your asking price several times and leave your property on the market for a long time, which does not increase the interest for your property because interested parties might think “what is wrong with this property, better we stay away from it!”

2. Online searches.
The price setting is very important, both for you and the buyer.
The first thing a buyer does when he visit a website and search for a property using the search facilities is to chose the price range.
If a buyer’s price range is below 4,000,000 THB, they won’t see your property if you list it at 4,075,000THB.
Better list it at 4,000,000 THB sharp so that you capture potential buyers in the ranges below.
But this is of course up to you and your agent, but the range your property’s price falls into is actually quite important.

3. Recently sold properties.
Most sellers do this mistake: They compare their own property to similar properties for sale in the same area, to get a clue to what price they can sell their property for.
Instead you should investigate what price a similar property to yours was sold for.
It makes sense, doesn’t it?
If similar properties to yours is for sale at 4 million THB, but similar properties also recently sold for 3,200,000 THB then it for sure does not make sense to price your property at 4 million, right_
A qualified and experienced real estate agent can help you with this.
For Krabi and Ao Nang you can visit

4. Negotiation.
It is very important to be open to negotiation, else you will most likely kill any sale before the potential buyer signs a sales agreement.
But please to not make the mistake mentioned in 1. Overpricing.
You have to consider if a fixed price is more important to you than a quick sale

5. Insight.
The best road to take, if you want the best price for your property, is to hire the right real estate agent.
The right agent can assist you pricing your property right from the very beginning due to his local knowledge of the market.
But many sellers out there do this mistake:
They ignore the real estate agent´s insights! And end up doing another mistake as mentioned above 1. Overpricing.

If you want to list your property for sale on our website, then we will be glad to assist you pricing your property correctly … and sell it!
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