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How to sell your property faster! And get a better price!

AZA_02We all wish we could sell our property faster, right? And we all wish we could get a better price for our property; be it a condo, villa, business or a nice plot of land.

This idea can significantly speed up the sale of your property, with basically zero effort, while you at the same time increase the asking price.
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Change the zeroes in the price!

Yes, that´s right!

The simple idea is just to revamp your pricing, so that instead of, say, THB 5,000,000 you ask for THB 5,150,500.

The 2nd price is a bit higher than the 1st price, hence you see a higher profit from the sale, but why are skipping round numbers actually accepted with buyers?

Well… the fact is that buyers do not like zeros!
It wakes up the buyer´s suspicion that owners / sellers pad their quotes and are trying to milk them dry.

A specific price / number has greater meaning because it looks like you calculated your cost exactly to the last baht.

You took the time to break down all the costs, and come up with a number for their needs, not just the rounded-up number you would normally quote.

THB 5,150,500 looks like an un-rounded number with no padding. Therefore the buyers will be less inclined to try and haggle down the price.

If say you price the property at 5,000,000 THB buyers will think you rounded up the price and hence they will try to haggle you down, and most likely you will sell for only THB 4,xxx,xxx and this will cost you money.

This is s the “law of non-even price numbers”.

Try it out next time you want to sell your property!

Good luck 😉




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