tedTeddy Witzansky

Teddy is our Danish cartoonist living in Denmark, where he is a respected artist.

He has lived and worked all over the world since he was young.

Working as a freelance journalist in Japan and South East Asia he visited Vietnam during the Vietnam War and he was along with the American soldiers among the first to discover Pattaya as a tourist attraction.

For 5 years he was a voluntary typographic teacher in Kenya and Zambia, for several years he was a teacher in Copenhagen and 1 year in Greenland.

He has also sailed the Pacific Ocean several times on a sail boat where Papua New Guinea, Hawaii, Tahiti and several other exotic islands were visited.

He has ridden the Trans Siberian Railway  into Japan  and visited the Base Camp at Mount Everest in Himalayas.
In the Himalayas he saved a local girl from dying from gangrene.
He arranged an expedition and got her down from the mountains to the hospital where she survived.

You can view Teddy´s cartoons by clicking here.