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Thailand is a beautiful country with plenty of fresh air to breathe in. There are beautiful beaches, smiling faces and plenty of outdoor adventures that await you in this amazing country. Before you make a long-term move, it is important to consider where you’re going to call home, as well as what is needed to make the move.

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Determine The Listing Price For Your Property.

When it comes to buying a home, most potential buyers will use the listing price to as the number one factor to determine the homes that they look at.

Even though you and a realtor may determine the asking price, the buyer will determine the selling price. If the price is too high, most buyers won’t give it a second thought – which is why you want to determine the listing price carefully.

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12The high season is here again. The rain have passed and the sun is out and businesses are preparing for the influx of tourists to Thailand.

The next 6 months are when most buyers will visit Thailand and when most property sales happens. Phuket real estate brokers will have already been short-listing those properties they will concentrate their efforts on most.

The real estate market conditions remain a bit slow but there is an increase in transactions in the re-sale market, which is offering great value for property investors right now. Real Estate brokers will always concentrate their efforts most on those properties they feel show best, offer excellent value and are the most attractive to their potential buyers.

If you are preparing your villa or condo for sale this high season, here are some pointers for you:

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Thailand is now offering 10 year visa for people aged 50 years old and up.

The requirements to get this visa is that you have a monthly income of minimum 100,000 Thai Baht or can afford to deposit 3 million Thai Baht in your Thai bank account for 12 months.

seniorAlso you need a health insurance covering at least US$10,000.

Now my question is: “Does Thailand only want to attract rich seniors?”

My immediate answer is obviously “yes!”

But is this fair to other seniors who cannot afford this or do not receive 100,000 Thai Baht per month in retirement pension?

My answer to this question is “No!”… this is not fair!

And why at all not allow anyone to retire in Thailand no matter of age? Many rich people aged from 30 to 50 years from abroad would love to retire in Thailand, but they’re not allowed to do so because they are “too young”! Isn’t that nuts? Yes it is!

With this new law I can foresee some troubles:

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krabiinfrastructureWhy does so many people relocate to Krabi?

Why do we see so many new property sales in Krabi these days?

My best bet is, the great infrastructure combined with the most amazing nature Thailand has to offer!

Well then, what has the infrastructure to do with that? Read on here!

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image02Thailand Property Tax 2017

The new Thailand Property Tax law seeks to levy taxes on nationwide property and land according to their use.

Under the new law, which will be enforced by local governments nationwide, a first home valued below at THB 50 million will be exempted from tax, while a maximum 0.5% rate will be applied to a second home or first home appraised above THB 50 million.

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How much do you really know about real estate in Thailand?
Try our short QUIZ here to see where you stand.
It is fun, and maybe you will even learn something.

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phuket34TripAdvisor’s Traveler’s Choise 2016 has recently ranked Phuket in Thailand as the world’s 8th best island to visit for travelers.

Not surprising is that Hawaii/Maui is ranked as #1 but also islands in Greece, Africa and Spain are ranked in the Top 10 of the world’s best islands.

The list looks like this:

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1mNu_rekYNFhGVt7JP2HZr_DXTJszEQg0g8HQwNpQZcCondo sales increased with more than 50% in Phuket, Thailand.

According the CBRE the condo sales in Phuket increased in quarter 4, 2015 with more than 50% compared to the same period in 2014.

The Phuket developers are now focusing on investors interested in a rental income on their investment. Read more »