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juwaiThailand outperforms many larger countries among Chinese property buyers.

The Chinese Purchasing Intent Index website for Thailand has revealed how Thailand has outperformed larger countries like the United States of America, Australia, United Kingdom, Canada and New Zealand. Read more »

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Singha Estate PCL, has acquired the 4.5 billion THB Sun Towers office building from Sun Towers.

suntowersIn a press release it was stated by Naris Cheyklin, CEO of Singha Estate:

“Besides two hotels, which are Santi Buri Samui Hotel and PP Island Village Beach Resort, Sun Towers will be another project that generates recurring income for the company, while the condominium and Singha Complex are undergoing construction and will be completed in the next two to three years.”

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Benefits of Flipping Real Estate

7 arial view 5 copyThe obvious benefit and sought after benefit of flipping real estate is the profit.
This is one incredibly tangible benefit, particularly when the profits are large and quick to come your way.
Of course there are risks. Most ventures that offer high profit also come with a high degree of risk.
Money, however, is not the only benefit that can be associated with flipping real estate though it is certainly the one on most investors’ minds when they get into this line of work. Read more »

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AEC2The Thai government will invest appx. 2.4 billion THB this year in 6 special economic zones in the hope it will boost cross-border trade between ASEAN member countries.

In January, the government said the first zone would be in northern Tak province bordering Myanmar.

The budget would be used for 35 projects in 6 zones. Read more »

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005Are you buying a home? – Read why you should consider a “Fixer Upper”!

Buying a home is an exciting thing, right?

It’s a thing that promises change and the opportunity to make something your very own.

When you’re searching for a new home, you should consider buying a “fixer upper”. And here’s why:

Purchasing a “fixer upper” can save you truckloads of money.

Many home buyers prefer to walk right into a new home that is ready and waiting for them. Read more »

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Beachfront-bungalows-pool-rimlay-villas-2Illegal resorts face eviction orders in Koh Tao

Soon the Thai Treasury Department will evict 50% of the 128 Koh Tao resorts who fails to provide a proper lease agreement for the land.

Furthermore these resort owners will face charges for illegal land encroachment. Read more »

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Here you can read all about, why Krabi is the worst location in all of Thailand, not to say all the world!

krabi25-1 Simply the worst place on earth!

Don´t you agree?

Here you will find the 25 reasons.

Terrible, right?

Read them and agree in the comment form… also if you do not agree 😉 Read more »

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Has the military killed the property market in Thailand?

coupselfieA lot of people outside Thailand — and even many who live here — believe that the new military led government has completely killed the property market in Thailand.

Indeed many believe that attracting any kind of foreign investment is impossible due to the military rule, but that is simply not true. Read more »

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A prosperous new year for Koh Phangan

DSC_1015aSet within the tropics, at a close proximity to the equator, Koh Phangan is a beautifully exotic island located in the Gulf of Thailand.

Encircled by pristine bays with crystal-clear waters, visitors can escape onto paradisiacal shores the moment they step off the boat.

View video in the bottom of the page! Read more »

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aiasiaflyAirAsia just launched a new all-you-can-fly pass, the so-called AirAsia ASEAN Pass.

Now you can get 30 days of flying around South East Asia for under $160.

You can elect to fly to airports in Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, the Philippines, Burma, Laos, and Brunei. Read more »