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visa-run-thailandBe aware that from August 13, 2014, people will not be able to re-enter Thailand, if they do not have a proper visa regardless of their choice of transport.

Many foreigners living and working in Thailand does not have a work permit and hence they cannot obtain a work visa. This has been the fact for more than two decades, but now the Thai Immigration has instructed officials to deny entry to foreigners doing visa runs to stop the exploitation of tourist visas to live or work in Thailand. Read more »

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Why Is Thailand Flooding During The Rainy Season?

flooding2I have lived in Thailand since 1998 and I have seen a lot of flooding here during the past 16 years.

The first flooding I experienced was one evening I was out in town with friends.
We were sitting in a bar when it started to rain…and it keps raining for hours, but we did not realize anything was wrong until the water rose to the floors of the bar.

We thought “no problem” we just continue having fun until the rain stops. Read more »

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googleviewPhuket Is Still The Major Destination In Asia

Compared to 2013 the number of international arrivals to Phuket grew with almost 7% to almost 1 million in the first quarter of the year.

Of those arrivals Chinese and Russians accounts for appx. 50% (500,000) and the upscale hotels in Phuket enjoyed an occupancy rate well above 80%. Read more »

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The Expected Impact of the Asean Economic Community on the Real Estate Market in Thailand

ph_2071_1ASEAN stands for Association of Southeast Asian Nations which is a collaboration of 10 countries in Asia.
It was established in 1967 and the charter of the association was published in 2008.

Since its formation the organization has always looked upon the need of the member countries in field of real estate, loans and services of strategic importance. Read more »

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Are you dreaming of owning your very own tropical island in Thailand?

7islandsWell then, now your dream might come true with this amazing opportunity!

This Dream Island is located east of Koh Lanta in Thailand’s Andaman Sea… and it is for sale! Yes, you got that right, now you can own this island in your own name!

The island is uninhabited and bursting with potential for the right owner.

This beautiful island features a 70 meter beach, natural water sources and approximately 16 flat, waterfront acres / 65.000 sq.m. suitable for development. Read more »

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renderings_3_poolgarden2For many Asians Krabi is still a fairly unknown part of Thailand, but an experienced Singaporean property investor believes it has the potential to become the next top destination for property buyers and investors considering an investment in Thailand.

Mr. Getty Goh, Director of Ascendant Assets, is already an investor in Krabi, and he is a mega fan of Krabi.

He describes Krabi as being how Phuket was some 25 years ago. “It’s very much undiscovered,” he says, ”Krabi is a real pearl in the South”. Read more »

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Property in Pattaya affected by Bangkok protests

pcon1Many foreigners cancelled their stay in Pattaya due to the political unrest in Bangkok.
According to research by Colliers International Thailand the whole of Thailand’s property market will be affected if the political unrest is not resolved within a few months. Read more »

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images-villa20-villa20-5What is the difference between a condo and an apartment in Thailand?
And why does Thailand distinguish between the two?

We often hear the words apartments and condos; and most people , especially those new to Thailand, think it is just the same.

But the truth is, an apartment and a condo are not the same, and this knowledge is very important, if you are planning to invest your hard earned money in real estate. Read more »

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beachrepublicThe popular island Koh Samui’s renowned beach club, the Beach Republic has launched a new collection of villas available to purchase.

The Club Suites is 18 completed, fully-furnished villas for sale at 6.25 million THB and boast a guaranteed rental income of 6% for the first five years.

The 55 sq.m. properties are available through a 300-year lease, with no restrictions on foreign ownership. Read more »

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Beware of the property rental sharks in Thailand.

koh_koo_villa_11Are you looking to rent a house or villa in Krabi or Ao Nang in southern Thailand? Phuket, Pattaya or anywhere else in Thailand for that matter? Then you should read this article and learn from my experience renting houses in Thailand.

One of the advises is to avoid the property rental sharks at all costs! But how do you find these sharks to avoid? Well…read on here… Read more »