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khanom_areaAt the end of the day imagine a picture postcard tropical beach with palm trees swaying in the breeze, exotic destinations and the connection becomes clear that ocean front property remains many a property investors’ most desired acquisition.

Given this particular twist, I’d like to detail out 5 of the top emerging markets for resort real estate in the region in no particular order. Read more »

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Land-Encroachment-300x225Phuket accounts for 30% of all land encroachment in Thailand!

Seems the Thailand and especially the Phuket developers say: “Hey, we need some more resorts and some more new villas, but the land is too expensive so let’s kick out the elephants and encroach the national parks!”

More than 12,000 rai of public land and forest reserve has been illegally encroached on nationwide, says the National Anti-Corruption Commission.

The situation in Phuket is the most critical in the country, accounting for 30% of encroachment on public land. (View enlarged cartoon). Read more »

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3 good property resolutions for Year 2014!

gogreenIn the month of January many people look back on the past year and decide that the coming year shall be different and they set up a few goals to enrich their lives.
Some would like to lose a few pounds on their waistline while others want to stop smoking.
But it is rare that people find it worthwhile to change their view of their real estate investments. And this is indeed a shame!
Here follows 3 tips for how you can make your investments better in 2014. Read more »

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The world’s largest artificial island in Denmark is now up for sale.

Kings-Island-Middelgrundsfortet-300x151Middelgrundsfortet is the largest artificial island in the world that is not connected to land and is located some 15 minutes by boat outside of Copenhagen.
The island was created in 1890 by King Christian IX and is now up for sale for US$9,500,000. That is some 285 million THB.
This is actually very affordable! Really! I mean, we are talking about Denmark here! One of the most expensive countries on the planet!

Read on here and you will know what I mean. Read more »

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Is Khanom becoming the new over developed tourist trap?

RonDavis-300x225I moved to Khanom some 9 years ago, escaping from Phuket with my Thai wife in order to be nearer family but more precisely because of the unspoilt, provincial nature of the place and lack of foreign tourists. We have seen relatively little development over the years, much of which failed. There is a change however, and with the Khanom Beach Magazine and several Khanom websites singing the praises of investment in development, whilst suggesting that the area would remain unspoilt at the same time. Read more »

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fireplace-next-to-bathrub-300x187This Definitely Belongs In Your Dream Home ! !

Here you will find some amazing things that you definitely must have for your dream home in Thailand. You simply cannot live without it!

What about a dog shower for your beloved 4 leg friend in the garage?

Or how about a fireplace just next to your bathtub?

Not to mention a swimming pool at your balcony or a bed right in your window!

Take a look here and get some inspiration. Read more »

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off-plan-thiefBuying property in Thailand is getting a lot easier these days – Now you can even pay your deposit online through PayPal for selected off plan projects.

But beware! Some companies are run by unscrupulous people who do not mind cheating you off your last baht! A thief does not necessarily enter through your window!

This week I heard/read about a con man who asked his clients to pay their deposit online via PayPal. This guy does have a nice track record! But not a nice one!

His track record contains several bogus projects that looked amazing on his websites but once the clients had paid millions of baht to reserve a unit, he did a “runner” and have not been seen in Thailand since!

Read more below the cartoon! Read more »

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image1Emerging locations from Jomtien to Na Jomtien are set to be major condominium development plots, driven by several factors that give the area a number of benefits over other locations in Pattaya.

These factors include improving ground transportation connectivity via a second road that runs parallel to Jomtien Beach Road for about 400 metres, and many new attractions such as the Jomtien market; two water parks — Ramayana, the biggest water park in Southeast Asia and Cartoon Network Amazone, which are both due to open later this year; and the Grand Kingdom shopping mall, drawing families with young children and shoppers to the area. Read more »

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Thailand’s first and only deaf real estate broker.

By Krabi Magazine

KrisAndNahThe property business can be a cutthroat one with competition rising every year in Thailand amongst real estate brokers and agents all out to make a living.

There is one man in Krabi who has been standing head and shoulders above many as a Rental Broker, rather than sales.
This is proving to be a lucrative business – and his success is even more impressive when you learn that he is deaf.

We meet up with Kristian Olsen for an exclusive interview on his life to date. Read more »

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Thai land ownership laws will need to be liberalised.

house5The ASEAN Community has established concrete targets to form a single market and production base by 2015 and hence it is vital to liberalize the land ownership laws in Thailand to fit with the other ASEAN member countries.
If by 2015 Thailand still deny foreigners the possibility to own land in their own name then Thailand will lose out on huge economic growth! Read more »