Returning to Phuket after 30 years…

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The journalist and round the world traveler Ted Simon revisited Thailand again after retracing his epic 78,000 mile world tour by motorcycle in 1973. In 2003 and at the age of 70 he returned to seek out a favored memory of Phuket and in particular Kata Beach. “This was what I came back to look for. The… Read more »

Pattaya – A Dream Destination With Quite a Bit of History

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From fishing village to would-be battleground to dream holiday destination, Pattaya’s history is as rich as the city itself is beautiful. In 1767, Phraya Tak, the man who would later become Thailand’s much-revered King Thaksin, and his army faced off with a local warlord at a small fishing village on the eastern coast of the… Read more »