Speak Thai in Thailand!

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Speak Thai in Thailand! Especially when talking to your plumber 🙂 The longer you live and work Thailand, the better your Thai language skills become – or at least they should. Of course, there are some people running around who have been here many years and speak and understand zero, but actually, the longer you… Read more »

The Property Market in Thailand Still Booming!

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Thailand’s property market booms again as foreign investment reaches new heights according to property investment specialist Thai Estate Network, and identifying Pattaya and Bangkok as key destinations worthy of investment. Thailand’s ambitious program to invest US$72 billion on a raft of infrastructure projects over the following four years has shown that Thailand is certainly not… Read more »

Are foreigners allowed real estate finance in Thailand?

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Are foreigners allowed real estate finance in Thailand? Can foreigners in Thailand acquire property finance? Are you looking to buy a villa, condo or different property? And are you in need of finance? Then scan this report with all you need to know concerning property finance for foreigners in the Land of Smiles.

The 15 biggest lies in the world of business.

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Here you will find my suggestions for the 15 biggest lies in the world of business. There are a lot of lies out there in the business world and these 15 are my bid.  They are not numbered after how big lies they are or how important they are. Many of you out there will… Read more »

Failure to begin addressing land ownership is foolish

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By John Le Fevre, written exclusively for TEN Thai Estate Network One of the great annoyances for foreigners who settle in Thailand are the restrictions placed on property ownership and the various hoops they need to jump through if they want to own anything more than a condominium. While similar conditions exist throughout Southeast Asia,… Read more »

Foreigner Mortgage Finance in Thailand

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Foreigner Mortgage Finance in Thailand. By Richard Gray, MBK Guarantee Co., Ltd. Property finance in Thailand has long been extremely difficult for foreigners to obtain. Due to regulations and perceived risk, banks have tended to reserve their finance options for Thai nationals only, with the rare circumstance of allowing a foreigner to act as guarantor only. Even… Read more »

Thailand Property Outlook 2013

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2013 Property Outlook for selected Thailand locations. By TEN Thai Estate Network Co. Ltd. June 2013. According to a survey in March 2013 conducted by HSBC Bank, Thailand is the world’s best location for expat property investment. Buying a property in Thailand results in a far better property in a better location than anywhere else… Read more »