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TEN Thai Estate Network is filming in Khanom “Wanted In Paradise”.

FilmingLogoA UK based TV producer is making a new series about Brits who are seriously considering a move to an exotic location such as Thailand.

In this connection we at TEN was chosen to introduce the 2 UK friends Andy and Matt to Khanom and show them some suitable land where thy could build a resort.

The contributorsĀ found Khanom, on the mainland of east Thailand opposite Koh Samui, very beautiful and they do consider very serious to relocate to this new tourism and property hot-spot of Thailand.

The series is named “Wanted In Paradise” and is aired sometime late February 2015.

6 Responses to “TEN is filming “Wanted In Paradise” with English TV producer in Khanom.”

  1. Margaret

    I would like to know about the ” B & B ” properties that was featured in “wanted in paradise” shown in the UK on March 6th 2015. Thank you, regards.

  2. Rochelle

    We watched your fantastic show in Khanom. You showed Matt and Andy a lovely place in Koh Samui. It had two 3 bedroom and one 1 bedroom place in its complex. I would love to know the name of this place and the details please…

    • Anna

      Hi Rochelle, are you still interested in this property? The estate agent that showed them round is a very good friend of mine if you would like me to get the details if still available?


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