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Living-Rooms-6I guess most of the readers of this blog know that Thailand is indeed an amazing country, right?

For those of you who are still more or less unaware of the facts, please have a look at these stunning photos of some of the living spaces Thailand offers you.

Thailand has something for every taste and budget, only your imagination is the limit!

























2 Responses to “Thailand´s Most Amazing Living Spaces”

  1. David

    My personal favorite is the one with the pool in the living room. certainly a dream of mine. I wonder what that house costs?

    • Kristian Olsen

      Hi David,

      Yes, this is also one of my favourites.

      There is actually 2 houses with “pools” in the living room.

      The first one is the second photo from the top, and it is really just a glass floor, but looks amazing.
      You can create such a floor if you buy this Over The Sea Villa in Koh Lanta:

      The second one is the last photo in this thread, but here the living room is actually above the pool. But it looks really terrific!

      Price for such a villa in Thailand depends very much of the contractor and the architect.
      My best bet is around 60,000 THB per sq.m.for the villa construction and some 20,000 THB per cubic metre for the swimming pool.

      Just have in mind that the villa cost much less than the land it sits on, at least if you want sea view/beach front as pictured on the photo 😉


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