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The difference between a Villa and a House in Thailand?

By K. Olsen

img2 (1)It has been said by many property buyers in Thailand that a villa here in The Land Of Smiles just seems to be a smart name for what we at our home country would call a house.

Many property developers and agents advertise their houses as “Villas” because it “looks” and “sounds” better than “houses”.

But what in fact is a villa then? How do you define a villa?

In Thailand you can find many sort of houses. They are named as “Bungalows”, “Dwellings”, “Town Houses”, “Detached Villas”, “Semi Detached Villas”, “Villas” and “Luxury Villas”…just to mention a few.

What all these properties have in common is that they are all houses.

I find that the word “Villa” is a great term describing an outstanding luxury house…with luxury in bold …sitting at a large plot of land with landscaped gardens with swimming pool.

I never use the term “Villa” about a small detached house because in my dictionairy a villa is a freestanding independent house. In my world you will not find a “detached villa” or “semi-detached villa”.

I have a clear distinction between villas and houses in my mind.  And I want this to reflect in my new real estate websites so buyers can easily distinquish between a “house” and a “villa”.

So here you find my definition of a “Villa”:

– A villa is a luxury house. Best quality construction and material. Best quality furniture and fittings.

– A villa is large. Minimum 300 sq.m. covered living space.

– A villa has got covered terraces and/or balconies.

– A villa is freestanding and independent with plenty of distance to the nearest neighbour.

– A villa has got a large landscaped garden with swimming pool.

– A villa has got an amazing view, something special like sea view, mountain view or just a great pool view over the tropical garden.

– A villa has got at least 1 secured carport/garage.

Please have in mind that this is only my definition of a “Villa” and other developers and agents might have another point of view.


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