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The Safest and Most Unsafe Places in Thailand

In the last decade, Thailand has become a popular destination for American tourists looking for a safe country to visit and spend time in when they can take an extended vacation or even when they are in search of a new home.

Whether you plan to visit Thailand for a week, or even several months at a time, it’s best to know which areas may be safer than others during your stay.

Expats and other travelers heading to Thailand will be delighted to know that Thailand is listed as one of the safest countries in Asia for tourists.
While this means you can find safe lodging, beautiful scenery and plenty to do that will not only be fun, educational or entrancing it also means that you should generally be safe during your visit.

This does not mean however, that security precautions should be thrown to the wind and not thought of as you travel from one area to the next during your stay in Thailand.

While violent crimes against tourists are not something you would hear of happening often, it is something to keep in mind and be prepared for just you would while moving about in the U.S. or any other country.
To assist a little with travel plans, here are some areas that tourists should consider when making travel and lodging plans for a stay in Thailand.

Safety First

Staying safe, no matter where you are, should be first on your list of priorities no matter where you plan to visit. Sure, knowing which hostel, hotel or apartment you will sleep in is
important, but having a good idea of how the streets will treat you is important as well.
Some of the safest places for tourists to stay and explore in Thailand include these top three locations for tourists:


Located in southern Thailand, this province is a beautiful coastal area where tourists can enjoy lazy days spent on the beaches, but they can also find waterfalls, hot springs,
beautiful temples as well as plenty of hotels and choices on where to grab a bite to eat.
Krabi hosts the amazing limestone cliffs seen in any commercials about Thailand.

Chiang Rai

In northern Thailand, Chiang Rai is a great place to visit.
You will find plenty of affordable public transit including tuk-tuks, taxis and can even rent motorbikes if you prefer to drive on your own.
There are numerous museums, temples and other local buildings worth checking out.

Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai may just be one of the most popular areas for tourists to visit in northern Thailand.

This is a beautiful, laid back area and where you can enjoy city living but can also venture out and explore some beautiful green countryside meadows or go a little further to check out the rainforests.

Shopping is plentiful in local markets and meals are inexpensive to find during a busy day of fun.

Just so you are aware, while these are the some of the safest areas for tourists, you should keep your valuables out of sight and your money out of your jacket pocket.
Try to avoid wearing flashy jewelry or letting anyone see you pull cash from your wallet.
Pickpockets and muggers are found in all areas of Thailand just as they are found in all areas of the United States, Canada and other countries.

Before you travel to Thailand, it’s a good idea to make sure you have a good travel insurance policy.
Whether you worry about getting sick or having an accident while in the country, travel insurance can also cover theft if you are ever involved in a mugging or fall victim to other crimes involving loss of material possession from a robbery.

Things to Watch out For

Since Thailand is such a great place to visit, where should tourists take a little more precaution, or even try to avoid altogether? Here are some things to watch out for and some places to possibly not venture into unless it is necessary.


Let’s start with the worst of worries when it comes to crime and dangerous situations.
Terrorism has been on the rise worldwide and Thailand is no exception.
Ares in the southern area of Thailand have had episodes of terrorist activity involving shootings and even small attacks with bombs.
The terrorist threat level is not high, but tourists may want to travel outside of areas such as Pattani and Yala in the southern region of Thailand.


Most muggings in Thailand occur in areas outside the busy city.
Traveling to rural areas or on roadways that are unlit and less travelled at night are not always a good idea.
Try to stay in crowded areas where there are more people around.

One of the biggest concerns for overall safety are tourists who are scammed while in the country.

All too often, a tourist will find themselves on a rented motorbike out on a long jaunt through the countryside only to be pulled over by the police and ordered to pay a ticket.
Unfortunately, in many cases, it turns out that the police were not real officers at all and the tourist has been scammed out of money.

Businesses charging more for meals or drinks or material goods is not unheard of either, so be sure to check your receipts and watch the cashier as they scan your goods at the local shops.

Being careful at ATMs is also necessary and it’s important to pay attention to your surroundings always. This is however, no different than it is anywhere else.

Overall, Thailand is a beautiful country that tourists and expats love to visit.

Many American expats have chosen a new life with a move to Thailand, and while permanent living may not be a choice for many, being able to spend even a few weeks or even months in this amazing country are well-worth the time it takes to gather passport info, get a visa or work on plans for housing and other necessities for the trip.

Avoiding danger and staying safe are simple to do if you stay aware of your surroundings and use a little common sense during your travels.



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