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The world’s largest artificial island in Denmark is now up for sale.

Kings-Island-Middelgrundsfortet-300x151Middelgrundsfortet is the largest artificial island in the world that is not connected to land and is located some 15 minutes by boat outside of Copenhagen.
The island was created in 1890 by King Christian IX and is now up for sale for US$9,500,000. That is some 285 million THB.
This is actually very affordable! Really! I mean, we are talking about Denmark here! One of the most expensive countries on the planet!

Read on here and you will know what I mean.

By non-Danes the island is known as King’s Island and consists of 200 rooms, includes over 2 miles of hallways and required more than 2.5 million tons of granite to complete and is approximately 70.000 sq.m. with a built up area of approximately 15.000 sq.m.

The size and structure is perfect and the location is excellent for conferences, seminars or team-building exercises for any large company or cooperation and it would be the jewel in the crown of any large multinational company.


The island is protected as a heritage site because of the great cultural and historical value as a preserved piece of coastal defense.

The fortress includes a port that is well equipped for both commercial and private marine purposes.

Middelgrundsfortet has been in private hands over the lpast few years, and the fort has undergone impressive restoration, specifically of coastal protection and refurbishment of the property.

Middelgrundsfortet is accessible by boat only, but the island also features a helipad if you are amongst those lucky ones who own a helicopter.

King’s Island is priced at 6,800,000 Euro or appx. US$9,500,000.

Take a look at some of the hotels in Thailand with 200 rooms and directly at the sea…they cost more than 1 Billion THB / US$33 million. So yes, this Danish masterpeice is for sure an affordable property with its huge potential in mind!

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  1. Christian

    The 200 rooms are part of a big underground bunker complex which are not suitable for living. I bet the hotels mentioned above have at least a window and maybe even a view. Also, there’s no water on the island as the Germans cut the cables during WWII. However, the price is reasonable.


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