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TVListen guys and gals!
If you are tired of the never ending Thai soap operas and miss your TV channels in your home country, then this is a must!

Now you can watch your favourite TV channels from your home country in your native language and with your native subtitles in Thailand or everywhere in the world! This is amazing!

All you need is an internet connection and a TV, PC, laptop, tablet or smart phone! And there you go!

I have been living in Thailand since 1998 and I often missed the good old TV channels from my native Denmark.
One day I saw an advert that caught my eye.
I responded to it, and I tell you: “This is my best investment in Thailand ever!”.

For only Euro 39 per month I get all the Danish channels in the Danish language and with Danish subtitles, including movie and sports channels so I can follow my Danish soccer favourite teams live every weekend, I can watch Tour de France cycling, I can watch Wimbledon and US Open tennis, English Premier League and you name it! WOW!

I can highly recommend this to anyone of you who miss your favourite TV channels from your home country.

Read one here, or simply just order your Set Top Box here!


European IPTV offers the best-in-class TV-solution with more than 90 channels streamed live all over the world.

The box offers high-quality streaming with as little as a 1mbit internet connection.

remote-control-mag2504The interface is easy-to-use and supports many different connectivity options. With this box you will not only get a receiver for our high-quality TV-signal, but also a powerfull media-center solution. You can connect USB-sticks, external harddrives and even digital cameraes, to enjoy your own music, videos or pictures on your TV.

Recording via WEB
All the packages come with the easy-to-use recording feature. You simply login to the web-interface, and schedule a recording. The recorded programme will be stored safely on the servers, and will be available for you to watch on your IPTV-Box.

18 hours delay
IPTV offer a selection of their channels, in two versions. One with a LIVE-stream, and another streamed with a 18-hour delay. The 18H-delayed channels is perfect for customers in the Asia-pacific.

90+ channels
More than 90 channels from Scandinavia, Germany, UK and Poland.

mag250_box12-300x173HIGH QUALITY SET-TOP BOX
The box comes with an intuitive interface, including Eletronic Programme Guide, Recordings and much more. No VPN needed! The unique set-top box, is available at great pricing with free delivery worldwide.

Order here!



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  1. Mr. Hansen

    Thank you very much for this, I ordered already and I look forward viewing Danish Superliga 😀


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