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krabiinfrastructureWhy does so many people relocate to Krabi?

Why do we see so many new property sales in Krabi these days?

My best bet is, the great infrastructure combined with the most amazing nature Thailand has to offer!

Well then, what has the infrastructure to do with that? Read on here!

Over the past many years Thailand has seen a lot of flooding everywhere in the most popular locations like Phuket, Koh Samui, Pattaya and Bangkok just to mention a few.

Krabi also had its share of the flooding, but unlike these other locations with bad planning and poor infrastructure, Krabi had the infrastructure in place.

Roads, electricity and water supplies and development are on the whole being well planned and constructed and planning regulations are being enforced. As long as the authorities stay on this line with the development, then Krabi for sure will enjoy a very bright future.

Local development companies are also being encouraged to be proactive in the development of Krabi as a whole and the way it relates to the unique geography of Krabi. Views are being guarded to prevent the loss of the beauty which is really its main attraction as a tourist destination.

Krabi has a very bright future, it’s natural beauty, unique geography and modern infrastructure mean that it will grow.

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