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Khanom has often been described as being a piece of Koh Samui, washed up on the mainland. Personally I think it’s better – much better!

amplemoon2The beach is 8 km long, soft white sand, and it is almost deserted compared to the popular beach destinations like Phuket and Koh Samui. Although it doesn’t get very deep, the lack of rocks and sharp coral make for a lovely sea bottom. You can walk around without the fear of standing on something sharp or poisonous.

You can bob around with the tide and watch the schools of bait fish swim past, or stare at the coconut palms, with fronds waving a gentle hello in the breeze, and wonder how many beers would it take to climb to the top.

Before I went to my first Ample Moon Party I’d never realized the night sky could fall into the ocean, but there it was, black water filled with thousands of stars that sparkled and shone with my every movement. Dragging my arms through the water and spinning in circles made the water look like something akin to a Disney movie. I decided to take a swim. The deeper I went the denser the green and yellow lights became. Like with a sparkler I tried spelling my name and drawing circles. It was strange, I could clearly see thousands of pinpricks of light in the water, yet I felt no creatures or objects swimming around.


Later my wife explained the science of phosphorescent plankton, but as far as I was concerned I’d been dancing in the stars and the sky.

If you decide to take a naked midnight swim (not that I suggest that here), you’ll find that the local aquatic wildlife gets a little “turned on” by your presence. Hundreds of phosphorescent plankton cling to you, and float around you. Adds a little something don’t you think?

I just love the Pink Dolphins of Khanom. You will only find them here in Khanom even though they have a distant cousin in the Brazilian Amazon River.


Normally you’ll need to rent a boat to have a look at the Pink Dolphin, but several times I went to the old former ferry port to Koh Samui for fishing with my son. It is located some 10 km north of Khanom, in a bay named Kwang Pao.

Here I’ve seen the Pink Dolphins swimming along from the quay just a few meters away. Wonderful creatures!

If anything, perhaps the primary attraction of Khanom might be the area’s simplicity. There are no go-go bars here, no discos. And no touts, no hawkers or hookers.

You can explore the beach without being harassed by touts and vendors and the locals will more likely smile and wave at you out of friendliness than for commercial intention.

If however you’re looking for some fun at night, there are a few western owned bars and you can always find a Thai karaoke bar.

This is one of the most popular forms of entertainment throughout much of Thailand. Patrons can sing their favourite songs to the accompaniment of the original musical score minus the original singer’s voice. Here you can also find girls that will be pleased by foreign company.

What I love most about Khanom is the peace and quietness!

Compared to the more developed destinations in Thailand you can really relax and enjoy the beach and nature here.

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