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WHY Selling And Buying A Property in Thailand “For Sale By Owner” Is a BAD Idea!

The main reason sellers believe that selling their property by themselves is a good idea, is because it appeals to the buyer, who think they will save a lot of money.
But this is not true! It is a common real estate myth.

The main reason why the buyer purchase a property “For Sale By Owner” is, that the buyer beleive he saves the real estate agent’s broker fee.
This is also a myth!

Read here why YOU as a seller OR buyer should use a professional real estate broker:

Many sellers who attempt to sell their properties by themselves believe that selling properties is easy.
It would be great if selling properties was as simple as putting a “for sale” sign in front of the property, add the property in the local classifieds or Facebook, and watch it sell. But this
is hardly the fact.

Property sellers often will end up losing money by not hiring a professional real estate agent.

This could be due to several different reasons like:

– Property owners often, more than often, overprice their property because they feel their property is much better than the other properties in that location. Or simply because they did not
research the going rates for this kind of property.

– More than often, private sellers does not know how to negotiate the best price and terms for their property.

– More than often the private sellers does not know about the rules and regulations and are stranded at the land office.

Property buyers will often end up losing time and money purchasing directly from the sellers because:

– Often private sellers try to hide crusial problems concerning the property. Professional real estate brokers will easily find and notify the buyer about these problems.

– Time is money, and angaging with a professional real estate broker will save you tons of time and worries.

– Professional real estate brokers know the value of the properties they are selling and they can guide you in the right direction and negotiate a much better price for your new property.

– A professional real estate broker knows the law, the tricks and the trade at the land office, securing that everything is done by the book, saving you both time and money.

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